Save Hollands Farm & Bourne End


Welcome to the ramblings of a local – and his thoughts on the proposed development on green belt land, in the Home counties, and elsewhere.  But in particular (in order of priority – as I can only speak for myself not others):

  • The proposed Hollands Farm development, in Bourne End
  • The wider development plans covering Bourne End
  • The loss of green belt

As said, these are the ramblings of a local, and should be read as such. All figures are my best guess, (I’m happy to be corrected). All the thoughts are a collection of mine, many seeded by others.

However; before you start reading these pages – especially if you are limited in time – I strongly recommend you see the actions being taken by the local community.

The links below will provide you with information of the proposed development, associated facts, actions being taken, as well as the thoughts of the local community:

“Keep Bourne End Green” – KBEG       (Previously “Don’t Destroy Bourne End”)

They are fighting hard and will win the battle ahead against the proposed development of this historic area of Bourne End.

Web Site




Everyone can help !!

please visit the above sites
follow them closely
get on the mailing list

Don't Destroy Bourne End

you need read no further – the rest is rambling

3 thoughts on “Save Hollands Farm & Bourne End

  1. On implications, Roads, you suggest slate meadow is 300 houses. I’d heard 180-200, the developer is suggesting 150, and the FooV commitee think this will reduce to 120.

    • Richard – Top thanks, all sorted. (less red text)
      This whole thing is looking bigger and more sinister, the more you look at it.
      Bourne End has been targeted for a lot more than 355-500 “Indicative dwellings”.
      It looks like they intend – ultimately – to fill in the length of the Wye valley ?!

  2. Two VERY important events – you should attend
    One is tomorrow Friday 8th of July “Public Review of the Draft Plan” held at Bourne End Community Centre, from 2:30 pm – 8:30 pm. It is very important that you attend this event, it is also subject to a head count – the numbers count !!
    Next Monday 11th July again at Bourne End Community Centre starting at 8:00 pm is a Public Liaison meeting.

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